The Quality of our meals and why we blast freeze

What are the benefits of using a Blast/Shock Freezer?

There is unique advantage to using a Blast Freezer rather than a normal commercial freezer or freezer room. Due to the speed of the freezing process smaller ice crystals form in the food product, reducing any damage to the structure of the food that can occur during a standard freezing process. By using a normal commercial freezer water within the product freezes slowing and transforms into large crystals that expands and tears the structure of the food.


Most frozen food products can then be immediately stored in a freezer for a period of 3 to 18 month depending on the food product.

Blast Freezing is ideal for all food products that need to be preserved at a storage temperature -18°C at the core of the product.

A Blast Freezer (Shock Freezer) used appropriately as part of food preparation or production can:


Blast Freezers (Shock Freezers) reduce cooked food from +90°C to -18°C within a period of 240 minutes, exceeding Government regulations/HACCP standards.


































  • reduce the deterioration of products during the freezing process

  • increase the shelf life of the food product

  • maintain food quality including flavour, texture, colour, aroma and nutrients

  • enable the use of seasonal and bulk orders

  • enable larger batch production

  • reduce waste of unwanted products

  • add new products to the menu

  • be prepared and stored for busy periods

  • assist in the improvement of service and kitchen organisation

  • give peace of mind by knowing that food products have been chilled frozen in line with food safely guidelines