Childminder Process...

Take the hassle out of preparing meals every day!

A minimum order of 100 meals is required.  This can be packaged in individual meal trays or multiple meals trays, depending on the number of children you are feeding each day.

A delivery charge of £30 applies to each 100 meals ordered.

Where we Deliver...

​Anywhere in the UK

Our commercial kitchens in the Midlands 

are ideally located for distributing your meals to any location in the United Kingdom.  

Orders can be dispatched within 24 hours.


The Benefits of Blast Freezing

Our Meals are packaged and blast frozen at 90+ degress (straight from the oven!) and reduced to -18 degrees in under 4 hours.  This ensures the food is preserved at the highest possible quality.

Dietary Requirements...

No Problem!

Individual meals provided for Vegetarian, Celiac, Halal, Wheat/Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and ANY other requirements at no extra cost!

The Meals...

​Food Specifically Prepared

For Young Children

Our meals and menus have been developed to specifically meet the requirements and tastes of young children and are based on the guidelines from The Childrens Food Trust.




           See our current MENU here.

Why Us...

See More About the Benefits

  • Save at least 20% on your current costs with No staff or Kitchen worries. 



  • Assurance that your children are receiving the finest nutrition available.

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