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Showcasing your
offering to parents

With our expert food being served-up at your setting, you’ll want to show that you are leading the way in nutritional excellence


For parents, what their child eats when not in their care is really important to them. Your setting is perfectly placed to relieve those anxieties by promoting your first-class food; curated by leading food expert and No.1 children’s cookery author Annabel Karmel. (1).gif

With lots of parents owning an Annabel Karmel weaning or toddler cookbook, we know how much trust she carries. That’s why, when you come on board as a customer, we will issue you with a special toolkit which enables you to download and print a range of useful, Annabel Karmel branded marketing assets, including posters, flyers, branded menus, photography, recipe cards for parents to cook Annabel’s expert recipes at home, and more.


We believe that communication with parents around your food offering is so important, and we make this easy with our expert toolkit. And why not plan an open day, where current and prospective parents can come and sample your tasty menus?


Let’s make food a key selling point for your nursery.

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