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Delivering the freshest meals on time. Every time.

Each day, thousands of our delicious, nutritious meals are served-up across nurseries across the UK. Fuelling children on the very best food is what drives us. That’s why our meals arrive on time, every time. 

And we know that you’ve got enough on your plate, which is why we’ve made our ordering service fuss-free and super simple – whether you’re ordering from your PC, laptop or tablet.

Order online 

Simply visit our website, complete the online order form and our chefs will get to work! Our 3-week rotational menu has been expertly curated to ensure lots of variety and nutritional balance. 


Our meals are cooked with the freshest ingredients. We then blast freeze at 90+ degrees straight from the oven and reduce to -18 degrees

Allergy check


Our extensive menus allow you to order meals for allergens, intolerances or special requirements.  We are also at the end of the phone to guide you.

On our way


Frozen at the peak of freshness, our nutritionally balanced meals are delivered via our fleet of vehicles which are fitted with state-of-the-art tracking and refrigeration equipment. 

We also work with Igloo, one the UK's leading food couriers, to ensure your food reaches you in the best best condition.

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